Hey fit fam! I wanted to share with you all a highlight of my week last week.
I was having my morning coffee last Sunday and began scrolling through IG. I had a message in my inbox from a client; it was a photo of the scale, and in between her bare feet read, 144. This day marked 30 weeks that she had been following my customized training and nutrition program, and this marked exactly a 30-pound weight loss.


When you see that as a reader it looks great on paper, right?! Thirty pounds in 30 weeks for a female in the 35+ age range is perfect; that’s a pound a week! It’s enticing and seems doable, you think to yourself, “I can do that!”

What I’m going to tell you is the same thing I tell everyone when they begin a training program; yes, it is very doable because it’s based on science. Is it easy, no. The reasons it isn’t easy however isn’t because of the reasons you would think. Most everyone can agree that working out is the easy part and diet is the hard part. While I think this is true as well, I believe a lack of patience is most peoples primary detriment.

Take my client above for instance. If she lost a single pound the first week, another the second, another pound the third and this was a continuous pattern that she knew to expect every week, that in my opinion seems fairly promising. Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. You may begin a new training/nutrition program and the first week lose 5-pounds merely because you aren’t eating sodium filled processed foods everyday. While this is exciting and a great feat in itself, these numbers aren’t typically realistic over consecutive weeks. In fact, some weeks you may show no weight loss at all. This is when people lose their patience. “You mean I have followed my menu and workouts to a T and haven’t even lost a pound this week.” Yes, it sucks! It absolutely sucks to step on the scale one day and read 132, and the very next day weigh 133. How in the world does this happen?! It’s defined as homeostasis and electrolyte balance, it’s called being a human!

My client above didn’t throw in the towel at 15-weeks when the scale didn’t show a loss, or at 21 weeks when once again, nothing on the scale. Instead, she emailed me and said she was going to stay off of the scale and only weigh in every two weeks along with her bi-weekly measurement updates. This made me so happy! I check in with my clients every week. Each week they fill out a questionnaire regarding their menu, workouts, how they feel and so on. I have them weigh in once a week (the morning of their check-in), and every two weeks I request measurements. When she said she wanted to weigh in bi-weekly this showed me that she was no longer relying solely on the scale to determine her progression, which ultimately shows me she has found her “fitness and wellness lifestyle.

I have said it over and over, verbatim …slow and steady progress trumps fast fat loss any day. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must commit to a healthy “lifestyle.” If you weigh yourself every single morning, you can guarantee that at least three days out of the week you will begin your day with doubt and uncertainty. Why would anyone want to do this to themselves? More importantly, why would you let a scale determine a moment of unhappiness in your life.

It’s ok to occasionally get discouraged, once again, we’re human; however, one must learn to control emotions of discouragement and not overeat and dive head first into a pattern of binging when these feelings come into play. One must realize that every week will not be a rewarding week on the scale. Every week you will not be motivated. You may slip up and eat two too-many cookies on your treat day, but the main thing is to remain patient and consistent.  If you are consistent with a program science will prevail, but you must have the patience while waiting on the bigger picture. 



Good morning you all. I believe my last blog entry was an introduction to my interpretation of “wellness” a couple of weeks back. Today I want to address questions that I often get asked regarding flexible dieting versus a diet constructed of whole foods.

Take the picture below for example: both options provide 500 calories. So if you look at it scientifically, no matter the food choice, 500 calories is 500 calories. A calorie is defined as the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius; therefor, no matter where the calories come from, a calorie is still a calorie.  

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.30.36 PM.png

So what does flexible dieting mean? Flexible dieting is just as its name depicts. As long as your macros (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) fit within the totals that are prescribed for your diet (whether it be for weight gain or weight loss), then you will yield results. 

A diet that is constructed of whole foods means that the individual chooses foods that are non-processed and in there most natural state. The same goes for this approach, as long as your macros (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) fit within the totals that are prescribed for your diet (whether it be for weight gain or weight loss), then you will yield results.

So if both styles yield the same results when it comes to fat loss (or gain), then what is the best approach, or the correct approach to a strategic diet. I will share with you all my personal opinion of each approach and the reasoning behind my choices.

To begin, I want to address my thoughts on flexible dieting. Flexible dieting is an approach to eating that allows you to eat any food you want as long as you can fit it into your prescribed totals. I personally find that this approach works great for a variety of people: those that are new to dieting, those with an untrained palate, individuals that like to incorporate “treat meals,” and the list goes on. Most individuals are familiar with a typical American diet. Americans tend to consume a lot of high-sodium, high-fat, processed foods. If you take an individual such as this and remove all of the foods that they currently consume and replace them with broiled fish and broccoli, the chances of them sticking to this unfamiliarity is slim. If the individual can still consume their usual Tuesday evening Tyson chicken nuggets with the only change being to bake them in the oven and trade in the traditional ranch dipping sauce for a healthier yogurt based dressing, they will be more apt to follow a plan.

How many times have you heard someone say, or have even said yourself, “I don’t like vegetables,” often followed with admission of having never tried it, or haven’t tried it since the initial taste (years prior). If I gave this person a menu constructed mainly of fibrous veggies, then he/she would probably do one of two things: one, he/she would totally skimp on the veggies all together not meeting their totals for the day, or second, he/she goes on a binger three days in because their body is craving everything it’s not allowing for.

I think for someone to dive head first into a new eating pattern and replace everything they are familiar with is a disaster waiting to happen. The flexible approach can be a great introduction to healthier eating patterns, not only for those new to calorie (macro) tracking, but can be extremely beneficial for those that suffer from an unhealthy relationship with food. 

What about the “whole foods” approach to nutrition? Whole foods are foods that are unprocessed, meaning they have no additives or preservatives. This menu consists of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and legumes. Most often than not, you will find those who adhere to a whole foods approach are thoroughly interested in the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) of each food just as well. The idea of a whole foods diet is for improving health and preventing disease. Heavily processed foods are full of refined flours and processed sugars often replacing the numerous beneficial Photochemicals and Antioxidants. 

You have heard “you are what you eat?” Well, if you aren’t getting enough micronutrients (those vitamins and minerals that prevent certain cancers), then what are you eating? Often the most recent fad-diet online is what people believe to be truth, and unfortunately this information is usually incorrect.


Here’s what it comes down to, and its pretty simple really. Everything in life is about balance. We are human and one of our primary pleasures in life is food. If you find yourself consuming more processed foods than whole foods, make certain that you are choosing options low in fat and fortified with essential nutrients. Also, try slowly implementing vegetables into your meals to familiarize (or introduce) your palate to new flavors. If you aren’t consuming 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day with two of those being greens, then it is wise to consider supplementing with a multi-vitamin (women over the age of 30 should consider adding an additional calcium supplement paired with Vitamin D).

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 10.20.05 AM

A healthy diet is one that helps to maintain or improve overall health. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be seduced by the occasional piece of  chocolate cake.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 10.26.18 AM.png


Hello Dolls 💕 This is me headed home on this Wednesday afternoon to begin my 4-day weekend!

This week has been busy-busy! Monday started off with a trip to the Las Vegas Campus’s testing center for proctored exams for school. I didn’t have to work at the salon until the afternoon, which gave me just enough time to squeeze in a gel-manicure before 💗

Work as usual has been great this week! We have been trying to incorporate more Instagram live stories, giving quick hair tutorials while using our favorite products. Feel free to follow our IG: Blow-N-Go Hair Bar.

As for summer shredding- Confession: I have not yet been back on the scale since my initial weigh-in, nor have I taken any more progress photos. I have been loosely tracking my macros and honestly, I have been content with that. I decided to finish off this month without a deficit. I haven’t felt pressured to increase cardio, or beat myself up over too many grams of sweet potato (yet), and my lifts have shown improvementAs I have mentioned before, I don’t think that I will be competing this year. I don’t have the desire to at this point in time. I am enjoying training and cardio because I want to, not because I have to hit 2 hours a day for a purpose. This is my lifestyle. Prepping for a show or not, I will still be lifting 5 days a week, incorporating HIIT and cardio and choosing foods because they nourish my body, not harm it; however, having said that– it is officially spring now, and today it was 75 degrees. This means that bikinis are around the corner, so I have to get this 🍑 in gear, y’all!!!! So, I had a pep talk with myself yesterday- I have cut many times, for many shows, but I have never cut just for me. I am ready now. I am excited to see what I can accomplish without a deadline or outside pressure!!

Now, it is time to make a Home Depot run for paint. Fingers crossed that I can find a match!

Good Morning Friday!

Even though it’s my weekend, I still couldn’t force myself to sleep in today, so I was up at 3:45. While waiting on my coffee to brew, I began picking things up in the kitchen, which led to cleaning the pantry, and then I was headed upstairs cleaning showers and bathtubs. I took a break for breakfast: brussel sprouts and eggs topped with hot sauce.

Soon after, Wes and I were heading out to pick up the picture I snagged yesterday, and we ended up finding a table to sit under our wall tv in our living room.

While out and about today, this ring caught my eye 💍 I am completely obsessed with rose gold, and I just loved it’s simplicity and elegance. Wes told me to try it on and I ended up wearing it home ❤️. I am such a lucky girl.


I fixed lunch immediately after getting home.

After checking emails and getting some work done online, I fixed myself a bowl of protein oats and headed out into the garage for a back workout. I finished today’s workout with a burnout set of pull downs using a band…🔥. I followed up with a protein shake and a banana.

We spent the evening in, piled up watching Netflix ❤️. For dinner, I fixed tacos.


Towards bedtime I got a bit munchy and fixed myself a protein pudding topped with a new cereal I got at Trader Joes last week.

Now with a full belly its time for bed 🌙. Happy Friday!

Good Morning Y’all 💕
While most are getting ready for the week on Sunday, it is my Monday. So, I was up around 6 am this morning having coffee and checking emails.

My breakfast today was my pre-workout meal: Proats. Oatmeal and  protein powder topped with apples 🍎

I headed out into the garage after for a shoulder/grip/core workout.
I did multiple sets overhead, and a lot or rear delt focus. In between each shoulder set I would superset with dead hangs from the rig, hanging knees, and hanging leg raises. My grip was spent by then end of this workout, but its something I have been incorporating a lot more lately since feeling 100% now since surgery 🙏🏼

While in the garage, the doorbell rang- it was my Plyo box that Wes ordered for me ❤️ No leg day is complete without a box!!

For my post-workotu meal I had the same smoothie as posted yesterday, except I traded the protein powder for egg whites.

Soon after, I was getting ready for the day. Today’s look: high-wasted cropped skinnies, a black v-neck bodysuit, a long, fitted sweater, and jelly-pop flats.


I wore my hair pulled back loosely into two small buns and 1″ barrel curls framing the face.


Work was slow today- everyone wanted blow-drys only, but once again, I have a blast with the people I work with, so most of our day was goofing around and dancing around the salon 💕


When I got home from work, the first thing I noticed in the garage was my Plyo box sitting put together, tall and pretty 💜

I fixed myself a snack (zucchini and tuna), because the Tupperware of oats and protein powder for lunch had long worn off.


For dinner I had P28 bread with some greens. I love this bread. I have cut out most meats from diet unless I am eating out, so my proteins come mainly from veggies, protein powder, egg whites and legumes.

I had client check-ins to wrap up this evening and programming for myself this week, so my night was spent on the computer.

Now to study for tomorrow’s quiz and call it a night. Happy Sunday ❤️

Good morning Tuesday 💕

It’s ok to focus on ourselves. In fact, I think people often need to take a little more time to focus on themselves and focus on internal happiness; however, that being said…..take a moment throughout your day to lift someone else up, compliment someone, offer a hand to someone- hell, a simple smile can go a long way!!! Try it. It may just change your entire day 💜

I slept in this morning until 6:30! Wes is on a different schedule this week so I didn’t have to get up before the sun ☀️. I went downstairs and bummed around for a bit while sipping my extra bold coffee and checked emails.

After breakfast (eggs and oats), I headed out into the garage and got in a leg workout. I had some homework to complete this morning, so it was a short and sweet workout full of back squats.

For lunch today I had chicken tossed in wing sauce on corn tortillas with broccoli. Most of the time wing sauces (not hot sauce) have either a high fat content or a high sugar content. I found this sauce at the dollar store, and have seen it at Walmart before as well. It has 1 gram of carbs and 0 grams of fat. It tastes amazing on anything!

I headed into the salon around 1:00 today. It was a fairly slow day in the world of hair, so I got a bit more homework complete 📚.


Once I got home this evening I hopped on the eliptical for a quick 20:00 session before fixing dinner. Dinner was eggplant topped with organic pasta sauce, chicken and low fat cheese, and a side salad topped with a yogurt based dressing 🍆

I decided a couple of weeks ago to begin watching the Netflix series, the Ranch with Ashton Kutcher. I just love it!! Being from the south I get a good kick out of it, and who doesn’t love Sam Elliott?!! I got in two episodes and now its time for bed 😴

Happy Tuesday!!!

Good morning Monday 💜
Mondays can be stressful. Often people head back into a work environment that they’re unhappy with. Take time today to make this Monday one of the good ones!! Walk into work and demonstrate the power of a positive attitude and see how much faster you get to your goals!! Today can be a day of beginnings and new starts! Take on this Monday with positivity and momentum, and carry that throughout the week!! 💕


I began my morning at 5:00 am. I got Wesley’s bag packed for the day, but didn’t realize I forgot his breakfast until mid-morning (😞). Once he got off to work, I laced up my reeboks and hopped on the eliptical for a 20:00 cardio session. I didn’t lift today (due to my girly time 😝, which explains those chocolate chip cookies last night), so I fixed myself some breakfast: An egg omelette with peppers sautéed in olive oil with corn tortillas.

I took a trip to Walmart for a grocery haul after breakfast and grabbed the usuals. Once back home I was checking emails and reading for class.

I paused for lunch: egg whites, broccoli, a corn tortilla, and a sweet potato topped with cashews.

I headed into the salon at 2:00 today. I wore a super casual ponytail, which set the mood for my outfit -A vintage tee that I grabbed in Indiana years ago, a J.Crew blazer (best investment ever), a 10 year old pair of Buckle jeans and leather, black on black Chucks.


I didn’t have a whole lot of free time at work but I managed to squeeze in my usual low fat cottage cheese, apple and peanut butter. When I got home I was super hungry, so I fixed some kale chips, and chicken with low-fat cheese on a corn tortilla.

I spent the evening on the computer completing check-ins. I fixed some oatmeal topped with strawberries, cashews and a squeeze of sugar free syrup, with a glass of almond milk for my late night snack.

Wesley and I piled up to watch a movie and I lasted 5 minutes 😴 Happy Monday❤️

Good Morning 💕 Happy Sunday!


It seems like it has been a really long weekend- and I am probably the only one saying that! I guess because Wes and I both worked yesterday and today as well.

We were up and at it again before 6 and Wes was out the door soon after. I had my normal overly large coffee followed with some am cardio. Following cardio, I had myself a banana and protein shake. I took off from lifting today, so my morning consisted of cleaning house.

Wes left the house this morning and forgot his lunch, so I had one of his wraps for my lunch. I took out the turkey and spinach and heated it stovetop and heated the wheat tortilla and low-fat cheese for a good crunch. I added a side of carrots and it was delsih!

Yesterday at work I had a client that had freshly colored (purple) hair and after shampooing her, my fingernails were stained terribly. I had time before work so I threw on a quick coat of polish 😜 It looks terrible, but it will do. I am in desperate need of a mani!

I opted for a hat as opposed to curling my hair today 💂

Work was super busy. I took a protein bar, low-fat cottage cheese and an apple (the apples I got were the tiniest apples ever!!!) Wes was like, “really?”😂 My thought process was that normally I cut half and put the other away. Then it turns brown on the edges and and that’s more to cut off, and thats even more wasted. It just makes me giggle thinking of Wes, this manly-man at work with his teenie-tiny apple 😂 .

I got home this evening and Wesley was home ❤️.  I had a few clients online to check in with, and then called it a day. After dinner Wes and I shared some chocolate chip cookies  🍪 and called it a night 🌛

Happy Sunday!

Good Morning 💜

I woke up today without any obligations. I was off from the salon, so after waking up and getting Wesley’s bag for work packed, I piled up to watch youtube a bit while sipping my coffee and sending out emails. I spent the first hour of my morning chatting it up on the phone with my mama playing catch up.

I made myself a bowl of oats topped with eggs and hot sauce while watching Wendy William’s Hot Topics..

After breakfast I made my way out into the garage for a lifting session. I didn’t have a workout planned for today, so it ended up being a full body workout.
•Full body bar warm up cycle
•BB Overhead Strict Press 3×10
-Single DB Overhead Squat 3×10
•BB Upright Row 3×15
-DB Thrusters 3×8
•Pull Ups 3×10
-Sumo Squat 3×10
•BB Good Mornings
Follow with:
:10 rounds of dead hangs
+ Jump Rope

For my post workout meal I had a protein drink (BPI Snickerdoodle) and a plate full of fruit, with a dollop of yogurt and sugar free chocolate pudding 🍓🍌🍎

Most of my day was spent organizing in the garage and cleaning our leather sofa.

I got most of our entry room complete; however, we have two extremely large art pieces that we still have to get matted and framed and then, it will finally be complete.

I paused mid-day for a luck break on the patio: Kale chips, lettuce wraps and zucchini pasta (absolutely photo worthy).

After what seemed like five loads of clothes and twenty-five runs up and down the stairs, I called it a day. I had an afternoon snack while sitting outside listening to Spotify.

Now, it is Friday night and Wes is working late, so I decided to pop this bottle of Alaskan Amber and turn on some Netflix.

Happy Friday ❤️