Good Morning & Happy Monday!
You had better believe that I needed coffee the size of my head this morning. Wes had to be up at 4, so that put me getting up at 3:30. I am an early bird, but man, it was a struggle 😩.
I saw him off to work at 4:30, and by 5 am I was having breakfast (same ole eggs and oatmeal). As I was running up the stairs to get ready for the gym, I realized how sore my upper body was and how fatigued my lower body was. I am a firm believer in “never skip a Monday,” but when you work out just as hard on Saturday and Sunday, sometimes recovery falls on Monday. So, I decided to get in some cardio at home in the form of “dance cleaning,” I cranked YouTube music and went to sweeping and swiffering.

After dancing and dusting, I worked up an appetite. 😝 I fixed myself some broccoli and chick-peas with a side of zucchini noodles 🌱

I cleaned up to make a Wal-Mart run. It was a sweatshirt, cropped jeans, no makeup, flip flop kinda morning ☀️


I grabbed a few more groceries to get us through the week.

Once back home, I had some things to do online for school, checked in with clients and began to get ready for work.

I was obsessed with this Kitty filter on snap today with my red lipstick 💋💜 and yes, I am aware that my catsuit is a bit boob-a-licious…I put a button-up over top before heading into the salon ☺️.


On the way to the salon I snacked on one of Wesley’s protein bars (it was so yummy too!)

My first two appointments were immediate today, and back to back. After a few hours at work, I had a cottage cheese snack pack.

I wrapped up at the salon around 6 this evening. On the way home my belly was growling and at the point of hurting because I felt so hungry. I made it home and Wesley had pizza on the counter!! 😳🍕 It took everything in me to pass by that pizza!!! I threw together a salad and had a half of a quest bar.

Now its time to make my way upstairs to snuggle the sleeping beast in my bed ❤️

Happy Monday!!!

Good Morning 💜

I was up and at it early today- knocking back coffee while reading over materials for two tests scheduled this morning (one in each class). I ended up missing one question on one and scored a 100 on the other. Not a bad way to begin the semester 📚.

I was off from the salon today, and my tests were complete by 10 am, so I had an entire free day. I spent most of my late morning bumming around the house in my PJs. I did manage to clean the bathtub and sweep the floors while watching Wendy Williams (”How you Doin”).

I paused for a snack break in between (this coconut Chobani yogurt is delish)…

After working all week in the salon and then scrubbing the bath, I realized my poor nails had gone long enough without a fresh coat of paint, so I gave myself a little manicure.

This afternoon I took a trip to Wal-Mart to grab a few groceries. While I do love Sprouts and some of the other markets, I will probably always go to Wal-Mart for my frozen veggies. Its just hard to compete with their prices (yes, I am a bargain shopper-we eat too much not to be).

I have to say that I get a bit aggravated at the fact that you can’t buy beans in glass containers. We are all aware at the potential harmful chemicals that come from canned foods, but soaking and cooking beans takes so long in comparison to opening a can. I have incorporated a lot more legumes into my diet recently as opposed to meat protein- In part, because my carbohydrate intake is relatively high right now, and it makes it easier to get in all of my macros. I guess if I continue eating more beans, I will opt for slow-cooking them from the bag in the crockpot.

While at Wal-Mart, I decided to grab a plate, a bowl, and a single set of forks and spoons. Our things from Italy are still not here and we have yet to receive word when they will get here 😩 Its hard to take a pretty food pic on a paper plate (and y’all know I am obsessed with my food pics on IG) #macrosandmicrosnutrition

This evening while cooking dinner (a grilled chicken salad the size of me head), I started watching some old episodes of the CrossFit games. Well, I got sucked in and am still watching an hour and a half later.


Today was a rest day, so hopefully all of this motivation I have going on right now spills over into tomorrow’s workout 😉

Happy Thursday 😘


Today was a rest day from the gym, so I didn’t get up and moving too quickly. I had my morning coffee while scrolling through Pinterest❤️


Breakfast was a chocolate, green drink: 🌱🍫
kale, spinach, dark unsweetened cocoa, almond milk & Coconut Oil



I had to go on campus today and do some work, so that took up a good piece of the day and gave me a reason to put on pants 👖

My ‘vented’ pants were purchased at a boutique in Poland and my shirt is from the local Italian market. I scooped up these Adidas street sneaks while back in the states. Comfy casual.


Some of todays eats- I love eggs. I eat them at least twice a day, and sometimes that is my only protein source all day. Todays lunch was eggs and asparagus (along with oatmeal and more coffee ☕️) and an early afternoon meal was also eggs, with sautéed peppers and avocado.I stuffed my face with an entire bag of broccoli (4 cups) this afternoon. I felt so hungry, and it wasn’t due to food deprivation, it was just cravings, so as I tell my clients, “stuff your belly with volume.”

Because I will be traveling this weekend, I spent my afternoon getting ahead homework 📚.

Now, for dinner I will be cooking up some chicken, broccoli and sweet potato- to be followed with a pro-yo bowl and and episode of Lost.

Happy hump-day y’all!

Good Morning 💗



Today was an off day so I didn’t do a whole lot. I started my morning with an egg omelette and avocado on the patio 🍳☀️🌱


I had some errands to run, so I put pants on today👖

Todays casual brought to you by fall🍁



Lunch was light and simple today 🌱🍎


I engaged in an online debate with a couple of my favorite gays this afternoon. Robbie, is die-hard Britney Spears fan and his husband is Gaga all the way. This one is simple guys!! 💙 Gaga! Her voice when she just sits and plays the piano and belts, Lord Jesus she will take you to church!! Not to mention, she is just a sweet soul. I just watched her documentary on Netflix and it is 🙌
I recommend watching- fan or not fan!


I squeezed in some homework tonight📚 painted my fingernails💅 and now its time for an episode of Lost. It was a good day💗

Happy Saturday y’all! 
I have a full day of eating for you guys to see today-back to macro tracking!


I woke up this morning at 3 am with back pain like you can’t even imagine! I literally had to roll off of the bed. Wednesday, when I was deadlifting I went fairly heavy being that it was my first heavy session in about 4 weeks. I felt it tighten up a good bit, so I took a moment and stretched out my hip flexors and got right back to my workout. I woke up yesterday morning and it felt a little tight but nothing extreme, so I went for a 4.5 mile run. Unfortunately, at the end of my run, the bottom literally fell out of the sky immediately into my first stretch. Well, like a bonehead, once I got back home, I didn’t take the time to stretch thoroughly and today I am paying for it.



This mornings breakfast: egg whites scrambled with tomatoes and onions, cooked in coconut oil and a side of avocado



A Mid-morning refresher: This is my version of a strawberry slushy.
Blend 1 cup of chopped ice, 1/2 of a Kiwi-Strawberry sparkling Ice, 1/2 of a strawberry-kiwi propel, 1 pack of stevia and 1 tsp. of sugar free strawberry Jello mix. Yummy 🙂


Along with my slushy I had a fruit plate of apple slices, cucumbers and peanut butter.



For lunch I had grilled salmon and zucchini.


After laying around for a good portion of the day, sis and I decided to get out of the house for some low intensity cardio. I needed the movement in order for my hip flexors to loosen up, so I could get a good and thorough stretch in after.

I worked on stretching my hips and lower back for a good 15 minutes. It was painful, but after, I could feel a lot less tension. Tomorrow should be much better!


My mid-afternoon snack was a bowl of protein oats (chocolate), topped with a pinch of granola, cinnamon and stevia.


Tonight’s dinner was eggplant cooked in coconut oil, grilled salmon and tomato paste.


My evening snack was a pita wrap with PB2, cucumbers and a glass of almond milk. I was short on my carbs today, so I did sneak back to the kitchen later for some graham crackers and wheat thins.
In all honestly, without a workout today (even with rest day macros), I would have been just fine without them, but they sounded so good 😉

Well, day one of back to tracking macros was a success.
I hope you all enjoyed seeing a full day of eating. 

Happy Saturday!
Go to bed with a grateful heart and face Sunday with smile 🙂 #blessed

As I sit here on Saturday morning, I realize I never pressed the magical “upload” button for yesterdays post…

My morning began at 6:30 am, entirely too early, seeing that I wasn’t in bed until 2 am. After trying to force myself back to dreamland with no success, I got up and had breakfast on the patio.


Today was a rest day, so I kept myself busy with the normal girly maintenance routine.


After a fresh face and sealed ends, I went down to one of my favorite local boutiques and scored some new wedges and oversized linen box cut tops for my vacation.
I am really into neutrals this summer, so I kept it basic with the wedges, black and tan, and I got three identical tops, all in different colors (white, camel and olive).

My evening consisted of Gilmore Girls and dreaming of my post-competition meal 😉

Happy Friday!!!

Hi Everyone 🙂

I woke up this morning, had lots to do, so decided to take an off day and give myself a break mentally and physically. 

My morning began with having my progress tracked using the BodPod.  My appointment was at 9am, so lets just say that by this point I felt as if I was starving. I didn’t even have coffee!! It is suggested to wait at least 3 hours to have your scan after eating or drinking, so seeing that I woke at 6, I had nothing. 
(I will be posting those results this weekend when I post my competition prep update).

After coming home from my scan I had a lunch that was so satisfying!!

I stopped immediately after having my bodpod appointment for a coffee and snagged a new green tea that I have not had before. It has all of the essential vitamins and only 6 grams of carbs. It was yummy. Once home, I fixed this photo worthy salad the size of my face.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 7.25.48 AM.png

Soon after I was headed to the grocery store for tomorrows food prep for the weekend (not in gym clothes 😉

The rest of my evening has been spent completing minimal homework (that I will regret later), and watching Netflix (Suits). 
Tomorrow I will be slaying two workouts, but for tonight, I will be in bed early letting this body fully recover!

Happy Thursday 🙂 Take a moment to be blessed!