Good Morning! Happy Hump-day 🐪


I was awake super early this morning, so after a couple of cups of extra bold ☕️☕️, I was heading out into the garage for a shoulder workout:
• DB Overhead Strict Press
• DB Side Laterals
• DB Front Laterals
• Cable Upright Row
• Rear Delt Cable Pull (rope)
• Incline Front Laterals
• FW Front Laterals

Intra-Workout Fuel: Protein mixed with aminos and a banana 

For my post workout meal I had a combination of lentils and broccoli 🌱

I had a full day scheduled at the salon today, so I headed in a bit early to record some tutorials for our salon’s social media.

I used some Bellami clip in hair extensions and was really surprised when I looked at the before and after pictures of my hair with the clips added in. It did add some volume, but I can’t believe how much my hair has grown! Living in Italy was vey harsh on my hair, so to see it finally growing makes me so happy 💜

In between clients I squeezed in a protein bar, greek yogurt and some snaps 💋

Once home, I fixed myself a veggie plate and cleaned up in the kitchen. I got in a quick 15 minute HIIT session, and finished off my macros.

Now, it’s time to go snuggle the beast in bed ❤️ Happy Wednesday!

Good Morning 💜

I was up this morning at 5 to see Wesley off to work. Soon after I had myself a bowl of oats and eggs for breakfast (also my pre-workout).

I headed out into the garage for a stellar shoulder workout.
●BB Push Press
●Single DB Strict Press
●Banded Upright Rows
●Front and Side Laterals

For today’s post workout meal I had a protein shake immediately after, and then I had half of a bag of Steamables Mediterranean Mix🌱

I had to work in the salon today, and I wanted to be comfy, but still put together,  so I tossed on an oversized box dress with some tights and over the knee boots with a messy topknot and a bold lip.

I had my usual low fat cottage cheese, apple and peanut butter while at work, as well as a pretzel pack with coffee ☕️

Once home from work I fixed dinner: chicken and low fat cheese on corn tortillas with broccoli 🌱

I hopped online this evening for a bit and then……

😳 Look whats back!!!! PROTEIN ICECREAM!!! I was a bit munchy tonight and needed a bit more protein and fat for the day, so I made myself an oldie-but-goodie 💙. I used BPI’s Snickerdoodle protein and topped it off with Cocoa powder, PB2 and cashews.

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Good Morning Y’all 💕 I was up a little later this morning. I slept in until 6, so I felt revived!

After a couple of cups of coffee ☕️☕️ and breakfast (eggs and oats), I headed into the garage for a shoulder session.

It felt so good to finally have my wrist wraps back!! Wes has offered several times to get me more for those heavy shoulder days, but I knew I had at least 3 pair coming in our shipment. My shoulders were on 🔥 this morning!!

After my workout I had a protein drink and Greek yogurt while on the patio checking emails and then I unpacked a couple of more boxes (it’s slowly getting there).

For lunch today I had brown rice mixed with veggies and legumes. These come in frozen steam-able bags that you can get at any grocery store now and I ❤️ them!! The protein to carb ratio is great and if anything, toss in a scrambled egg and its a complete meal!

I had to be in the salon today by 1:00, so after lunch I was getting ready for work (in between snaps💕)

I really love the salon that I chose ❤️. I am so blessed that everyone is easy going, easy to communicate with, and most of all- Fun! We have a good time. The music is always poppin’, were always dancing and singing, and I feel that I’m always smiling. It is such a blessing 🙏

Once home this evening, I checked the mail and a wonderful friend of mine, Haley, from Alabama sent me a card- congratulating us on our new home 💜 so sweet!! I have the greatest friends in the 🌎.

Now it is 8pm and I am fixing dinner (chicken, peppers and corn tortillas). Soon it will be time for bed.  I hope you all had a wonderful day today!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Good Morning 💜 Happy Hump-day!!
I was up early once again, ready to tackle the day.
After seeing Wesley off to work, I was fixing up breakfast and getting ready for the gym. This morning’s pre-workout breakfast was my usual, eggs and oats.


Today’s workout (1:10) focused on shoulders and ended with calves.
•Seated Overhead Press
•BB Upright Row
•Seated Side Laterals
•Incline Front Laterals
•Standing Behind the neck BB Press
•Standing BB Strict Press
•Seated Calf Raise
•Seated Calf Press
•1 Mile Run

After the gym I came home and had meat and potatoes for a post-workout.

I had clients scheduled at the salon beginning at 1:00 this afternoon. I opted for a super-sleek ponytail today. It is rare that I slick my hair back (my inner bama girl likes big hair), but it made for a good IG post (IG:tiffanymitchellmull) regarding our new keratherapy treatments ❤️


I had a client today that I treated with our newest Amika treatment, the Kure. She allowed us to video the process for our social media, so hopefully I can get access to post that 😁


In between clients I managed to scarf down some greek yogurt and a protein drink for lunch and an afternoon snack of apple slices and peanut butter.

I wrapped up at the salon around 7. Once home, I had oatmeal and ground beef for dinner, read a few pages in my textbook for tomorrow’s quizzes and checked emails.

Now its time to call it a night 🌙
Happy Wednesday!

Morning Y’all 💜

My morning began at 5 am with coffee the size of my head.
I fixed Wesley breakfast, packed him a lunch and off to work he went.


I spent most of my morning standing at the computer in the kitchen getting homework assignments complete (I will be super happy when my desk comes in). School this semester will be no joke. I had 3 assignments due immediately in both classes to start off the session (but I ❤️ it). I can never gain too much knowledge in nutrition. If I weren’t doing homework in my free time, I would be online, reading scholarly journals, studying food trials and assessments anyway. It’s funny how were all so different, isn’t it? To some, I assume the thought of studying nutrition is such a bore, and to me, the thought of studying oh, I don’t know, solar energy…blah, where some find it to be oh-so-fascinating. I guess thats what makes the world go round.

After schoolwork I had breakfast (oatmeal and eggs), and then off to the gym. Today’s workout focused solely on shoulders and rear delts, followed with Abs.

Todays workout = 1 hour + 39 minutes
•10:00 Warm-Up on the elliptical
•Seated Overhead DB Press 4×10
superset with
•Standing DB Front Lateral Raises 4×10
•Seated Incline DB Press 4×10
superset with
•Standing Free Weight Front Lateral 4×10
•Alternating Side Lateral using Cables 4×12 each
•Alternating Rear Delt Flyes using Cables 4×12 each
•Seated Rear Delt Flyes 4×8
Followed with:
50 Burpees + 20 Minutes on the stairmill
Ending with:
•8 rounds of Tabata: Full planks with high and outside knees
•8 rounds of Tabata: Low planks with high and outside knees
(these set my Abs on 🔥 and my shoulders were screaming)


Today’s post-workout: BPI’s snicker doodle protein and a banana 🍌

The gym is the only place I went today. Once back home I did some more studying, cleaned the bathtub and sinks in our bathroom, and did some laundry.

For dinner I had a bag full of zucchini pasta, green beans and ground turkey.


This evening was spent piled up with my love watching Netflix. I had a snack plate to finish off my macros for the day- apple slices with peanut butter, carrots  with hummus, and greek yogurt with pistachios.

Today is a good day ❤️

My morning began as usual with breakfast on the patio.

An egg scramble and oatmeal bowl with a green smoothie (spinach, coconut water, apple).


Morning cardio-

I am forever a student of my sport. Learning and understanding the human body is beneficial in designing fitness programs ensuring sufficient training loads that may correspond with the specific ability of an athlete to improve. 
I refuse to let myself stagnate or reach a plateau. I will constantly keep learning and improving to  ensure that I have the ability to raise the bar and set higher standards that will help me to evolve and take me to the next level as an athlete and coach. 

After lunch (sweet potato, ground turkey, zucchini and avocado), I took it to the gym for a shoulder/delt workout-


This afternoon I worked on editing my latest competition prep Vlog that I will be uploading this evening. I am super stoked that my new portable tripod came in before vacation 🙂

Tonight will be an evening of Netflix.

Happy Tuesday!!