Good Morning Dolls 💜


I slept for 10 hours last night, which is completely out of the ordinary for me! My body must have really been needing rest and recovery. I woke up this morning with a positive mindset, and put out energy for a good day 💛.

I swapped breakfast tacos this morning for protein and oats, before heading into the garage for a Glute/Ham workout 🍑
I worked on a single side, completing 4 sets for each superset before changing sides (my buns were 🔥).
4 sets of 15 each: Complete all on the R. side, then all on the L. side
• cable kickbacks / single box step ups
• cable abductor pulls / single DB deadlift
• BB good mornings /  air squats
Followed with: 4 rounds of the following (with minimal rest):
• 25 Box Step Ups
• 15 Deadlifts
• 15 Power Cleans
End with:
20:00 steady cardio

During my workout today I sipped on BPI’s CLA + Carnitine (I ❤️ it when cutting). Immediately after my workout I scarfed down a banana and some protein.

Soon after my workout I was getting ready to head to the salon for the day.

On my way in, I stopped at Sprouts for their amazing salad bar and a diet lemonade  🍋 🌱.

I got home this evening and did a whole lot of nothing. For dinner, I had the final half of spaghetti squash that was prepped in the fridge with egg whites and cauliflower, followed with a protein pudding.

Now its time to head upstairs for some snuggles ❤️ Happy Tuesday!!

Good Morning 💜

I was up this morning at 5 to see Wesley off to work. Soon after I had myself a bowl of oats and eggs for breakfast (also my pre-workout).

I headed out into the garage for a stellar shoulder workout.
●BB Push Press
●Single DB Strict Press
●Banded Upright Rows
●Front and Side Laterals

For today’s post workout meal I had a protein shake immediately after, and then I had half of a bag of Steamables Mediterranean Mix🌱

I had to work in the salon today, and I wanted to be comfy, but still put together,  so I tossed on an oversized box dress with some tights and over the knee boots with a messy topknot and a bold lip.

I had my usual low fat cottage cheese, apple and peanut butter while at work, as well as a pretzel pack with coffee ☕️

Once home from work I fixed dinner: chicken and low fat cheese on corn tortillas with broccoli 🌱

I hopped online this evening for a bit and then……

😳 Look whats back!!!! PROTEIN ICECREAM!!! I was a bit munchy tonight and needed a bit more protein and fat for the day, so I made myself an oldie-but-goodie 💙. I used BPI’s Snickerdoodle protein and topped it off with Cocoa powder, PB2 and cashews.

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Good Morning Y’all 💕 I was up a little later this morning. I slept in until 6, so I felt revived!

After a couple of cups of coffee ☕️☕️ and breakfast (eggs and oats), I headed into the garage for a shoulder session.

It felt so good to finally have my wrist wraps back!! Wes has offered several times to get me more for those heavy shoulder days, but I knew I had at least 3 pair coming in our shipment. My shoulders were on 🔥 this morning!!

After my workout I had a protein drink and Greek yogurt while on the patio checking emails and then I unpacked a couple of more boxes (it’s slowly getting there).

For lunch today I had brown rice mixed with veggies and legumes. These come in frozen steam-able bags that you can get at any grocery store now and I ❤️ them!! The protein to carb ratio is great and if anything, toss in a scrambled egg and its a complete meal!

I had to be in the salon today by 1:00, so after lunch I was getting ready for work (in between snaps💕)

I really love the salon that I chose ❤️. I am so blessed that everyone is easy going, easy to communicate with, and most of all- Fun! We have a good time. The music is always poppin’, were always dancing and singing, and I feel that I’m always smiling. It is such a blessing 🙏

Once home this evening, I checked the mail and a wonderful friend of mine, Haley, from Alabama sent me a card- congratulating us on our new home 💜 so sweet!! I have the greatest friends in the 🌎.

Now it is 8pm and I am fixing dinner (chicken, peppers and corn tortillas). Soon it will be time for bed.  I hope you all had a wonderful day today!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Good Morning y’all- Happy Tuesday!

I woke this morning at 4:30 am and got Wesley’s food packed for the day, checked emails and read a chapter for class. Soon after, I was on my second cup of coffee and fixing breakfast:
rice, shrimp, tomatoes and asparagus (leftovers)🌱

A couple of hours later, I was having my pre-workout meal: Proats- oatmeal, snickerdoodle BPI protein, and peanut butter.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 9.22.24 AM
My training plan for today was to hit quads, but once at the gym and walking up the stairs to the cardio room for a warm-up, my legs felt fatigued- not necessarily sore, but I could tell that my strength would be lacking, so I made a shift in my plan. Instead, today turned into a cardio session that was glute focused followed with glute/ham tie-in isolation.


For my post-workout meal I cam home and fixed some potatoes, ground beef and peppers (so yummy).

I had clients scheduled today beginning at 12, so after breakfast I was getting ready for work…

Red Pants and Red Lips 💋


After closing up (6pm), I made my debut at Sprouts🌱 (insert happiness).
Its smaller than your average grocery store and thats because its not flooded with boxed and packaged foods. Its row after row of healthy, organic, gluten-free, all natural foods. Some things were a bit pricey, but then they had so many great deals and specials that it is definitely worth the trip!!


For dinner, I had a smorgasbord of fruits and veggies from the Sprouts Salad bar – at 7.99/LB, I loaded up.


Now I am piled up watching a bodybuilding documentary while fighting to keep my eyes open.

It was a good day 💜 Happy Tuesday!

Good Morning!
I was up early this morning at 5 am- fixing breakfast for Wesley. Soon after, I was tackling my to-do list for the day.

I had intentions of starting the day by coloring the roots growing from my wig, but realized my hair color is sitting somewhere in the Atlantic with the rest of my belongings from Italy- so, I opted for a shampoo and style (as opposed to a ponytail).

After breakfast (eggs and cauliflower), I was headed out the door to the Nevada Board of Cosmetology (good thing I fixed my hair 😜). Most of you know that I have been a licensed cosmetologist as long as I have been a CPT (15+ years 😳). I sold my hair studio in Florida back in 2013 just before moving to Korea. I don’t think its something that I want to pursue full time, but I wouldn’t mind finding something to fill time with a few days a week, while still in school.


On my way back home I scooped up this Kevita, sparkling probiotic drink. Anything with a sweet citrus flavor mixed with cayenne, count me in to try! I give it two thumbs up for sure! It definitely has a kick to it 😜.

Once back home I had my pre-workout meal: eggs and oats.

I decided to go ahead and begin my program today. I feel that I am beginning to get in a better routine and although I am still not exactly at my pre-surgery totals, following a structured layout should get me back to (or just under) where I left off with my compound lifts and Olympic lifts rather quickly.
Here’s a rundown of a typical session (today’s workout):
•10 minute cardio warm-up (eliptical)
•10 minutes of warm-up sets (today was traditional deadlifts, so I warmed up my hips with lunges, air squats and skill work with the barbell)
•Deadlifts (increasing weight each round):
1×10, 1×10, 1×10, 1×10, 1×8, 1×5
•Overhead Squats: (skill training) 3×10
•Front Squats (increasing weight each round):
1×10, 1×10, 1×8, 1×5
•Pause Front Squats (2 second pause in the bottom): 3×3
•5 minutes on the stairmill + 20 Burpees + 5 minutes on the stairmill
•10 minutes of mobility and stretching
My overall time in the gym was 1 hour and 37 minutes. That is typically my allotted time to complete a full workout.


After the gym I had to swing by the commissary for a few groceries..

By the time I got home I was starving. I popped a bag of zucchini noodle steamables in the microwave, and ground some turkey and dinner was ready in 6 minutes 😁.

These things are so convenient and tasty and are easy for tracking as well! The macros for the entire bag are perfect for my post workout macro prescription (25P/ 50C / 5F)

After dinner, I got in some reading for school and had one more snack to finish off the day: greek yogurt, apple slices, carrots, peanut butter and chicken bites.

Now it is time to grab a quick shower and hit the sack 😴.

Happy Tuesday ❤️

Good Morning!


My morning began with coffee, BCAAs and a cardio session 💦


I lounged around for a good part of the morning and after breakfast (which was actually lunch time), got up to go to the gym.


My workout was a combination of cardio, HIIT training and Ab work. I came home, hydrated with coconut water and had some lunch.


My evening consisted of emails, Pinterest and a Netflix series called Skin Wars (pretty entertaining show!)

Happy Tuesday! 💋 

Good Morning dolls 💋
You can believe that my heart was full of joy this morning, waking up with my husband back in the bed with me ❤️

After lounging around a good part of the morning, we decided to finally get up and face the day. Breakfast was a protein drink and oatmeal (literally the only foods in my house) and of course coffee ☕️.


Being that we are so close to moving back to the states, my husband sold his car before his deployment, so we are now sharing our one car.  He had running around to do for his return, so I got a drop off at the gym for a lifting session. I worked back today mixed with some light hamstring  work. After the gym, a much needed grocery store trip was on the agenda, but not before having a post-workout meal at Burger King 👑 I had a plain egg and sausage burrito with black coffee (280 calories).


At the grocery store I scored a sweet deal on these chicken flatbreads for $1.25 for a box of two – served with a side salad, it makes a perfect meal.

A couple of snips of todays snaps..


This afternoon we took a trip to our favorite wine bar, but unfortunately, its the only day of the week that it opens only late in the evening, so we headed to BEFeD. It is a local place that serves rotisserie chicken and brews their own beer. We had a  Birra Rossa Bock a Dunkler Bock beer by BEFeD.


After- we walked over to another local spot Weiss Bar where we had a mixer before heading to our favorite pizza joint, grabbed a 4-formaggio pizza and headed home to indulge in a cheat for the week 🍕


The rest of the evening will be couch cuddles and movies💗

Happy Tuesday!!

Good Morning💗

I dove immediately into the coffee this morning and was on the phone yet again with the plumber, practicing my Italiano.

After a couple of hours, my hot water was finally working and I took a swim in the bathtub for a good hour (ahhhhhh) 💦

I had a loaded breakfast this morning on the patio ☀️  Eggs, potatoes, peppers and onions with a green smoothie


I worked online for a while, had lunch (a turkey and cheese toasted sandwich with green beans and potatoes)…


and then got out and about for a sports bra shopping session 😁

todays look: 3 day old crunchy hair 💁 old navy yogis, Italian leather riding boots and an oversized, off the shoulder sweater from H&M 

I managed to find a few sports bras, and put one to the test for a gym session this evening…


Post-workout I had low-fat chocolate milk followed with dinner: a turkey burger, sweet potato and zucchini 🍗🍠🌱


Now to wrap up the evening with another bath 💦 a bowl of protein ice-cream🍨 and some Netflix.

Happy Tuesday Y’all 💗💋

Good Morning ☕️💋


Breakfast this morning was so incredible: Quinoa, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with parsley🌱Delicious!


I was looking like a true American today in my baseball tee, Buckle jeans and Chucks👖👟 #sobasic


I made a trip to one of my favorite ‘one stop shoppes’ today. It has a little bit of everything, literally everything. I scooped up some toiletries, laundry detergent and dish tabs- God how exciting, I know! 😝


Today’s Lunch 😍

I gave myself a little mini mani and pedi at home this evening. These phalanges are really in need of some professional TLC though!

I made myself giggle when I shopping for nail color. I couldn’t decide which color was best and all I could hear was my husband in my head, “my God, they’re all the same!” 😂 Um, no they’re not hunnie.


Well, now to call it a day and watch some of RuPaul’s Drag Race (I’m obsessed!!) 👑👠💄

Goodnight! Happy Tuesday 💋

☕️💞☕️💞☕️ Good morning y’all!

I started my morning with coffee and cardio. I really wanted to head back to the gym today, but I have been feeling a little discomfort under my right breast yesterday and this morning. I decided to play it safe, and once again stick to only cardio today (by this evening I had no pain or discomfort, so I will be back at it tomorrow- I am pretty sure it was just typical muscle soreness, but better to rest another day to be certain;)


For breakfast: Oatmeal and eggs topped with avocado spread, apple slices and a green smoothie🌱


I literally spent my entire day working on an eight page paper. I am flooded with finals this week, but it just means that my load is about to lighten😊


I took a lunch break and had kale sautéed in coconut oil with spicy tuna, followed with a bowl of protein ice-cream 🍨


I managed to get in some girly maintenance while sitting at the computer, and this evening I finally painted these paws. My sister turned me on to this gel polish and it is amazing!!! (miss you sister 👭).

For dinner I had eggs, asparagus, and oatmeal and an evening pro-yo bowl


Now for an episode of Lost and to call it a night 😴

Happy Tuesday!!! 💋