Good Morning y’all 💗


Today’s blog post is coming straight from the salon. I had to be in early this morning for an appointment, and now have an hour in between clients, so I figured I would fill my time with a blog update.

This week has been crazy busy! Spring break was officially over as of Monday, and I had multiple dietary analysis’s assignments due, along with welcome back quizzes 🤓, so I have have been filling a lot of time the last three days getting back into the groove of being on the computer for more than an hour a day.

Between homework, client programming and the salon, life is busy, but I ❤️ it!

A busy schedule hasn’t given me a reason to slack on my training; however, tight hip flexors have. I am guessing it stems from those 125 front squats Saturday. So, the last few days have focused mainly on upper body, cardio and mobility, and any lower body work has been bodyweight exercises or accessory work using ankle weights 😝.

I haven’t been back on the scale since beginning my cut a couple of weeks ago, but my diet has been on point (mostly 😉), so I will be posting updated stats and progress photos sometime soon (I am shooting for Sundays to be my personal check-in days).

Now- to brew myself up a cup of coffee, and get ready for my next client 💜

Happy Hump-day!! 🐪

Good Morning 💜Happy hump-day!


Today was my Friday, so that automatically means a good day 😉.
I started the morning with a bowl of oatmeal and egg whites, emails, and about an hour and half later later I began cardio. Today was a cardio only day, so I got in 45 minutes of uphill on the eliptical 💦.

Before heading to the salon, I fixed myself some lunch: peppers and onions and zucchini sautéed in olive oil, with egg whites and corn tortillas.


Today’s ensemble: black skinnies, a knit tee (I snagged at ROSS last week for $7!), and I call this a “summer blazer” from Calvin Klein.


I made myself a PB sandwich using P28 bread and PB2 mixed with hershey’s cocoa powder (yuuuuumy), to have at work.


Work was awesome and when I got home I found the heel strap Wes ordered for me for the cable machine 💙. I have one that wraps around the ankle, but it makes kickbacks a little awkward. It’s best for adductor and abductor pulls, so  I can’t wait to use this for tomorrow’s glute and ham workout!

For dinner tonight I had myself a plate full of greens and a turkey burger.


Now it’s time to call it a night and find a movie on Netflix ❤️. Happy Wednesday!

Good Morning 💜 Happy Hump-day!!
I was up early once again, ready to tackle the day.
After seeing Wesley off to work, I was fixing up breakfast and getting ready for the gym. This morning’s pre-workout breakfast was my usual, eggs and oats.


Today’s workout (1:10) focused on shoulders and ended with calves.
•Seated Overhead Press
•BB Upright Row
•Seated Side Laterals
•Incline Front Laterals
•Standing Behind the neck BB Press
•Standing BB Strict Press
•Seated Calf Raise
•Seated Calf Press
•1 Mile Run

After the gym I came home and had meat and potatoes for a post-workout.

I had clients scheduled at the salon beginning at 1:00 this afternoon. I opted for a super-sleek ponytail today. It is rare that I slick my hair back (my inner bama girl likes big hair), but it made for a good IG post (IG:tiffanymitchellmull) regarding our new keratherapy treatments ❤️


I had a client today that I treated with our newest Amika treatment, the Kure. She allowed us to video the process for our social media, so hopefully I can get access to post that 😁


In between clients I managed to scarf down some greek yogurt and a protein drink for lunch and an afternoon snack of apple slices and peanut butter.

I wrapped up at the salon around 7. Once home, I had oatmeal and ground beef for dinner, read a few pages in my textbook for tomorrow’s quizzes and checked emails.

Now its time to call it a night 🌙
Happy Wednesday!

Morning Y’all 💜

My morning began at 5 am with coffee the size of my head.
I fixed Wesley breakfast, packed him a lunch and off to work he went.


I spent most of my morning standing at the computer in the kitchen getting homework assignments complete (I will be super happy when my desk comes in). School this semester will be no joke. I had 3 assignments due immediately in both classes to start off the session (but I ❤️ it). I can never gain too much knowledge in nutrition. If I weren’t doing homework in my free time, I would be online, reading scholarly journals, studying food trials and assessments anyway. It’s funny how were all so different, isn’t it? To some, I assume the thought of studying nutrition is such a bore, and to me, the thought of studying oh, I don’t know, solar energy…blah, where some find it to be oh-so-fascinating. I guess thats what makes the world go round.

After schoolwork I had breakfast (oatmeal and eggs), and then off to the gym. Today’s workout focused solely on shoulders and rear delts, followed with Abs.

Todays workout = 1 hour + 39 minutes
•10:00 Warm-Up on the elliptical
•Seated Overhead DB Press 4×10
superset with
•Standing DB Front Lateral Raises 4×10
•Seated Incline DB Press 4×10
superset with
•Standing Free Weight Front Lateral 4×10
•Alternating Side Lateral using Cables 4×12 each
•Alternating Rear Delt Flyes using Cables 4×12 each
•Seated Rear Delt Flyes 4×8
Followed with:
50 Burpees + 20 Minutes on the stairmill
Ending with:
•8 rounds of Tabata: Full planks with high and outside knees
•8 rounds of Tabata: Low planks with high and outside knees
(these set my Abs on 🔥 and my shoulders were screaming)


Today’s post-workout: BPI’s snicker doodle protein and a banana 🍌

The gym is the only place I went today. Once back home I did some more studying, cleaned the bathtub and sinks in our bathroom, and did some laundry.

For dinner I had a bag full of zucchini pasta, green beans and ground turkey.


This evening was spent piled up with my love watching Netflix. I had a snack plate to finish off my macros for the day- apple slices with peanut butter, carrots  with hummus, and greek yogurt with pistachios.

Today is a good day ❤️

Buongiorno 💋

A morning cardio session got my day going..

Thank goodness for a filter this early in the morning 😜


Breakfast was a heaping plate of oats topped with grilled chicken and cherry tomatoes.


After breakfast I worked on homework for a while and then headed to the gym. I scooped up some coconut water and an apple for a pre-workout boost🍎

I worked shoulder caps and rear delts today.

I ran by the grocery store after my workout to grab a bag of spinach and saw this pumpkin seed roll on the discount bakery cart for .10 cents. I couldn’t pass it up (it was so yummy!!) 🎃


After lunch I relaxed in the tub for a bit and then back to homework 📗.


When you’re in comfy clothes, doing homework and still trying to selfie a pic for your mama…you put a B&W filter on that B and try to make it posh 😝​


It was a good day💗 Now to eat some protein ice-cream🍨and call it a day.

Happy Hump-Day 💋

Good Morning 💋 Happy Wednesday!❤️


My morning began with a quick cardio session and then I was in search for a beauty supply store. Its time for some color. I found this line of professional cream color. Fingers crossed its a good one 💞


Lots of Veggies on the menu today 🌱🍅🌱


Todays gym session was cardio based. I began with a 2500 meter row followed with 5 miles on the spin bike and finished off with the Crossfit WOD Karen (150 Wall Balls). I was dripping💦


I spent my evening organizing my closets and then I tossed together a crockpot meal to cook overnight (stay tuned).

Now it is time for some pro-yo and an episode of Lost. I am seriously so over this show at this point that I think I will skip to the last few episodes of next season just to see the end. It is just beyond ‘reaching’ at this point 😝


Happy Wednesday you all!!! 💋


Today was a rest day from the gym, so I didn’t get up and moving too quickly. I had my morning coffee while scrolling through Pinterest❤️


Breakfast was a chocolate, green drink: 🌱🍫
kale, spinach, dark unsweetened cocoa, almond milk & Coconut Oil



I had to go on campus today and do some work, so that took up a good piece of the day and gave me a reason to put on pants 👖

My ‘vented’ pants were purchased at a boutique in Poland and my shirt is from the local Italian market. I scooped up these Adidas street sneaks while back in the states. Comfy casual.


Some of todays eats- I love eggs. I eat them at least twice a day, and sometimes that is my only protein source all day. Todays lunch was eggs and asparagus (along with oatmeal and more coffee ☕️) and an early afternoon meal was also eggs, with sautéed peppers and avocado.I stuffed my face with an entire bag of broccoli (4 cups) this afternoon. I felt so hungry, and it wasn’t due to food deprivation, it was just cravings, so as I tell my clients, “stuff your belly with volume.”

Because I will be traveling this weekend, I spent my afternoon getting ahead homework 📚.

Now, for dinner I will be cooking up some chicken, broccoli and sweet potato- to be followed with a pro-yo bowl and and episode of Lost.

Happy hump-day y’all!

Good Morning!! I can’t believe its Wednesday already! 


I am definitely still adjusting to time. I was up until around 2am and woke at 1pm.  A specific schedule isn’t really of great importance right now, so thankfully its not that stressful.


I got in a light cardio session on the eliptical this morning and then I had breakfast on the patio: eggs, mixed peppers and avocado

I took a trip to the coffee shop after breakfast and checked-in with clients

I refused to pay $3 for a coffee this morning, so I opted for a $1.50 green tea. (Meh, I should’ve paid the extra 😝)
Check-ins are so motivating! I Love my clients!!! 💜

When I got home from my errands, my internet was back on, Praise the Lord!!!! 🙌  I messaged with my mama for a while and we of course had to share the newest snap filters (its just not the same without her 😕 )


I could do without the goofy hat, but my gosh, these lashes!!!!! 💜 
I have so many girlfriends that get their lashes done religiously and they look absolutely amazing! I gave it a shot one time and after two weeks my eyes were itching like crazy. Im not sure if thats because I had a sensitivity to the product (although after 2 weeks that doesn’t make sense) or if it was just time to have them touched up. I said I would never do it again, but these filters get me rethinking it ☺️ 
**I literally just took time away from this blog entry to message my girlfriend AJ that is queen of the lash game to get her input 😝


I spent a good amount of time sitting on the patio this afternoon counting my blessings 🙏

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 4.35.37 AM.png


This evening I had a chocolate protein waffle topped with peanut butter before hitting the gym.

My workout focused on upper body. While I am not doing chest-specific movements, many of the movements do integrate the chest muscles. I am keeping the weights fairly light with a higher rep scheme.
My night was wrapped up as usual with a protein bowl

Happy Humpday!!

Happy Hump-Day!

Immediately upon waking this morning, I was making coffee and getting ready to head to my nieces school with my mom for the annual book fair.

This school is so unreal! Each section has a unique theme and each hall is labeled with road signs and an individual theme to help the little ones with memorization. It has definitely changed since my hay-day! The girls were so excited to see mom and I there. We went to the book fair and of course they worked their hustle on grand-ma for extras 📚 The books were so fun! I found one that I had to fight myself not to buy- paper dolls!! It was a blast. I am thankful that I have got to experience some of these things with them while I have been visiting this summer 🙏


After, mom and I had some running around town to do and of course we got some snaps in between…


I managed to stop by my favorite spot for a latte and a quick journal entry before heading home to complete homework for the rest of my evening📚


Some of todays menu: Lettuce Wraps, Fruity Slaw Mix, Salmon and Kale Chips


This afternoon while emailing with some clients. I had two separate emails from different individuals who informed me that they deviated from their programmed macros. One was slightly over in carbs, and one just completely went into binge mode. These are things that occasionally happen. One day of overeating will not derail your progress, just like one day of healthy eating won’t give you 6-pack abs. While these slip ups can’t become a habit, a single slip up is not something to beat yourself up over. The main thing when you make these mistakes is to get right back on track and not allow yourself to go into complete F@#k it mode. So many people that mess up mid-week will get disappointed in themselves and tell themselves that the week is screwed, so Monday will be a fresh start. This pattern of inconsistency and yo-yoing is what sets people up for disaster, causing excess weight gain and reeking havoc to your metabolism.
If you mess up, get up, shake it off and get right back on track!!!!


Following dinner, I completed a bicep and shoulder workout using 8 LB dumbbells- up 3 more pounds (insert total excitement 😁) and then mom and I got in our daily 3 miles and now its time for a protein ice-cream bowl and bed 😴


Happy Wednesday you all!! Count your blessings 🙏


Hi y’all 🙂

I woke up this morning, had my coffee and immediately got in 5 miles. Beginning the day with cardio sets up your metabolism for the rest of the day, and for me personally, it allows me to get my head set for the day ahead. I try to take this time to count my blessings and release the gratitude for all that I have, and all that is to come. Gratitude has the ability to overpower the dangerous emotions that can sidetrack us. The two emotions that mess us up the most are fear and anger. You can’t be grateful and fearful simultaneously, and you can’t be angry and grateful simultaneously. They just don’t go together.
Proceeding practice of gratitude, I take time to envision and manifest the things to come. Call me crazy, but I know without a doubt that I had a large part in conceptualizing my life’s plan. Some believe in God, some believe in the powers of the universe, some focus on Buddhism, dharma and the laws of cause and effect; whatever it may be, they all share in the same recognition that demonstrating faith and positivity repays us with progression and success.
My point, our thoughts dictate our behavior and mindset, which holds the secret to our personal transformations.


Breakfast this morning was quick and easy: Quaker 1-minute oats mixed with bpi’s vanilla protein and a green smoothie (coconut water and spinach).


Some people desire to hold the same physique that they present on competition day. I personally find contentment where I am now (1.5 weeks post show). I appreciate my body with a slightly fuller appearance. I hope to hold steady where I am for the next few weeks (you guys will soon see me facing some down time), but maintenance is very possible, and then, in the weeks to follow, it will be all about them gains (oh the excitement)!!!


Mama and I did some running around town today and of course had to selfie with our ball caps on. I think as I get older, I look more and more like my mother. Im definitely ok with that 😉


After Instagramming a personal message to my sister today, regarding the thievery of her monster, I did a quick consideration of a choppy bob 😉


Sissy and I had a pretty intense lower body session outside this evening. The workout itself was a tough one, and then add 90% humidity and sun glaring directly into the eyeballs..It was semi-brutal!! We still managed to get in our nightly cardio session of 2 miles once mama declared she was hitting the road without us if we didn’t get up… We mustard up the moxie and joined her 🙂 These evening strolls of ours make for the best girl talk, so they are always enjoyable and quite comical!!


Now for a night time snack of protein and oats and an episode of Gilmore Girls.

Goodnight my fit friends!!
Happy Hump-Day!!!!