Good morning guys! I am going to jump right into this post because I am super stoked to share this new blog series with you all! I invite you to follow along over the next six weeks as I attack Las Vegas’s  Camp Rhino  6-Week Challenge.


I should probably begin by stating my reasons for joining this challenge. You guys know that since being back in the states I have been working out in our home gym with a few random drop-ins around town. Most of all, I wanted to find a place that I could be surrounded by like-minded individuals, and it was a priority to find a gym that offered variety. After scoping out a few different places, I stumbled upon Camp Rhino. Camp Rhino not only offers CrossFit, but has multiple boot-camp locations across town (indoors & outdoors), and to top it off, obstacle training. I read into the 6–week challenge and was convinced to join when I realized I had the potential to earn my money back. To join the challenge costs $300. If you attend a total of 24 classes, meet all nutritional requirements and strive for daily improvements, you get every penny back. This was incredible incentive!

I attended the initial athlete’s meeting at the beginning of the week and was accompanied by a room full of eager and motivated individuals. There were people that had previously battled cancer, men that were powerlifters but joined the challenge to support their wives, competitive athletes, and people like me, simply looking for a new gym to call home.

Tuesday morning (day 1),  I woke and logged my stats. This was the first time that I have been on the scale since my initial “summer-shredding” weigh in. I began my cut (before the challenge) at 143 pounds and dropped to where I currently sit at 137 pounds.
Starting Measurements:
• Weight 137#
• Chest 36″
• Waist 28″
• Hips 33.5″
• Glutes: 39″

Once I established my starting point, I laced up my Nanos and to the gym I went. This was the first CrossFit class that I have attended since leaving Italy at the end of last year & it felt incredible! Days 1 & 2 complete!!

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 6.22.58 AM.png

Now, fast forward three weeks….This week marks the halfway point and I am feeling great! So what is the challenge providing me that was lacking in my previous training program? This is easy,  more intensity. As I mentioned before, Rhino does offer boot camp, obstacle training and mobility classes, but my focus has been on CrossFit. I still begin my mornings as I have for months now, with a pilates/yoga/core session at home, and then I head to CrossFit. I try to maintain this routine at a minimum of four days a week, and two days a week I focus strictly on  isolation training at home in place of going to CrossFit.

As for my diet, my food choices relatively remain the same all year round; however, since beginning this program I have replaced my weekly “treat meal” with just an increased calorie consumption of the foods I already eat (the camp-rhino program allows for a weekly cheat, this is a personal choice). If you follow my personal food log on IG (tiffany dietetics), you will see that I consume primarily whole foods. My top carbohydrate sources are whole grains, fruits and vegetables, with higher-glycemic foods structured around my workouts. I avoid saturated fat and trans fats as much as possible, and I use olive oil 99% of the time when sautéing veggies. I incorporate nuts and seeds at least 3-4x a week and typically include one small avocado a day. As for protein, I have gradually converted to a plant based diet with the exception of egg whites and the occasional raw sushi roll (this has been a gradual transition since the beginning of this year for a nutritional study. I will share my reasons behind this decision in a separate post).

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 12.40.33 PM

So what about my stats? As of this morning, I have lost 3 pounds and a total of 4 inches, which is awesome considering my primary purpose for this program has been to find a new gym to call home; so, tighter abs and glutes are just an added bonus!

That’s just it you all, I wish I could stress the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet! If you adhere to healthy eating habits and couple that with a few days of intensity within your training, you are guaranteed to yield results.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 6.49.57 AM

Now here it is, 6-weeks later and I have completed Camp Rhinos 6-Week Challenge!!!!!
I had my final check-in Wednesday afternoon and earned 100% of my money back! If you recall from my first post introducing the challenge, the total cost of the challenge was $300. To earn back your money one must meet the nutrition recommendations, attend 24 classes, and track and log progress stats for 6-weeks.

I reached my lowest weight of the challenge earlier in the week at 131.8 pounds; I chalk this up to the fact that I failed to meet my water intake and woke up a bit dehydrated.  I weighed myself the morning of my final check-in at 133.5 pounds and that was the final weight logged. Overall, I showed a weight loss of 4-pounds and a total decrease of 6-inches. Most importantly, I found a new gym to call home. I collected my $300 dollars and rolled it over to pay for the following two months.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 4.34.59 PM

My plan is to continue with my cut for a few more weeks until Olympia weekend (look for me at the Gorilla Wear booth!) I did allow for a night out this weekend with some friends and indulged with a few gin and tonics and had a veggie loaded thin crust pizza on Saturday night, but this morning it was back to the grind.

Good morning y’all 💜 Happy Friday!!!

I was up early this morning checking in with clients and reading emails. After a couple of cups of coffee ☕️ I had some breakfast (pre-workout) and off to the gym I went.


If you read yesterday’s blog, you know that I stayed up last night watching past CrossFit events. I was motivated- and I was hoping that fire would be lit today for my lifting session…and it was…


•2 Warm Up Sets Each: BB Hang Cleans + BB Hang Power Cleans
Followed with:
•2 Sets:
3 Hang Power Cleans +  2 Power Cleans
•2 Sets: (increase weight)
2 Hang Power Cleans +  1 Power Cleans
•Hang Cleans: (increasing weight) Working up to 3 Rep Max
Using 3RM – 5 x 3
•Hang Power Cleans (increasing weight)
Working up to 1 Rep Max
-Supersets: 3 sets
•Hang Power Clean (1RM) + 10 BB Alternating Reverse Lunges (increasing wt)
•10 KB Overhead Reverse Lunges + 8 BB Overhead Squats
-Followed with Isolation:
•Outer Abductor Machine 4 x 10
•Lying Hamstring Curls 4 x 10
•Glute Bridges 4 x 10
End with:
•1 Mile Run
•2000M Row


Post-Workout: Snickerdoodle BPI Protein Powder + Banana 🍌


Soon after getting home from the gym, I was eating lunch (I usually eat again 1-2 hours after my post-workout meal).

I went into work this evening to do a hair color on my salon manager. It was a pretty big transition and it turned out beautifully❤️💜

A little snack in between processes…

Once home this evening I fixed dinner, which was the same as lunch, and did some reading for class. I am off tomorrow from the salon and I have nothing due for school, so who knows whats in store 😁.

I want to end this blog with this- Don’t let the weekend determine your success. Your goals don’t stop just because its the weekend. If you save your cheat meal  for Saturday night, then enjoy your cheat meal on Saturday night and leave it there at the table. It doesn’t mean a cheat day- breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you consumed breakfast pancakes and syrup, a bacon cheeseburger with fries for lunch and pizza and breadsticks for dinner with a glass of wine and a slice of cake, this will easily total 3500 calories, which is the same as 1-pound of fat! For the average person trying to lose weight, one pound a week is a common statistic for weight loss. This means that one day of cheat meals creates a stagnate week, meaning all of those workouts for the week don’t even matter. Enjoy your two slices of pizza with a glass of wine and a single serving of ice cream, but don’t let that trigger a binge. Stay strong, stay focused, and remember why you started! You got this!!!!



Happy Friday 💜

Its Friday- yay!

I woke up this morning after sleeping for 13 hours! Yep, I am pretty sure that rest day yesterday was a good call. I felt like a completely different person today!

After breakfast (oatmeal, egg whites, apple slices and peanut butter), I went straight to the gym.

My am workout was full of squats followed with glute/ham isolation. I ended with 10:00 on the stair stepper (I keep cardio to a minimum on leg day).


The earlier part of my day was spent food prepping for the weekend. 

The main part of my afternoon was consumed with Labs. 

This was my very last lab!!!! How exciting!!! I have two more weeks until finals, and then I am off for the summer!!!


Round #2: Legs

High Volume Training: 5 sets of each:
Traditional Deadlifts
Single Leg Deadlifts
DB Reverse Lunges
Leg Press/Toe Press
Leg Extensions
Standing Ham Curls


This evenings pre and post workout meals:

Pre-Workout: Rice cakes topped with spicy tuna, cucumbers and sweet potato.
Post-Workout: Oatmeal topped with ground turkey, hot sauce and mustard (I know it seems weird:) with broccoli and apple slices.


Today was an awesome day! Its amazing how well the body responds once you give it a break. 

Be Blessed! Happy Friday 🙂

Saturday mornings are for outdoor cardio.

No matter how familiar I become with the scenery around me, I will never take granted the blessing of living in such beautiful surroundings.

Today was a low key day. After my run, I spent the earlier part of my day hanging out on the patio

A green juice a day is a must for the loads of potassium-
Todays mix: spinach, organic coconut water, half of a banana, stevia

My workout today was great. I went to the gym with no plan, which is something I rarely do. I am the person with my training notebook, writing down every rep scheme, the time of rest between each set, and often decorated with obscenities or pictures describing the emotion a PR of failed lift 😉

So with no plan, I decided on a mix of power cleans (because they’re my favorite:) and lower body, because my glutes weren’t sore after yesterdays workout. I figure this far into prep, if I have the energy I will hit lower body as much as possible. Not only does lower body training blast more calories than any other exercise (except Oly lifts), but you can never work the glute/ham tie in too much when it comes to a bikini body!
Todays session:
-Power Cleans from the pocket
Back rack alternating reverse lunges
-Lying hamstring curls
Glute Bridges
-GHD reverse kick backs
GHD reverse ham pulls/crunch

I ended my evening with a LISS cardio session on the eliptical while beginning a new series, ‘Suits’.

I want to end todays update by saying Thank You to a man named Mark, that in all reality will probably never read this blog. Mark is a man that works for a company that I spoke with today, and lets just say that he took it upon himself to show an act of random kindness. It was unexpected and truly appreciated, and it just goes to show that people in general are good. Thank you Mark. I will be paying it forward. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!!

Hi you all-
This morning began with planning the day. When I have school work (labs particularly), I make a plan for my day to ensure that I stay on track and get everything completed within a timely matter.



Todays breakfast looks identical to yesterdays. I am a creature of habit. Maybe it isn’t exciting to eat the same foods day after day, but these are the foods that fuel my needs and my goals. I eat to live.

After breakfast, I got in my first workout of the day. It was a quick 5 rounds:
Romanian Deadlifts
Traditional DB bicep curls
Toes to bar
Followed with 15:00 on the eliptical

Mid-Morning Meal & Lunch:

Once again..the same foods. Would I LOVE to have three slices of pizza and a coke, of course-but that would not help me reach my goals.

Labs took up a good portion of my day. It was a tough lab today. Actually, hard AF is the correct terminology for describing todays class!


This afternoons training session was a great session:
Traditional Deadlifts
Followed with: High Volume:
Single Leg Deadlifts
Leg Press / Toe Press
Lying Hamstring Curls
Leg Extensions
Glute Bridges

Hi y’all 🙂 I cannot believe that it is already Thursday!
Today began like everyday, with coffee 🙂


I had a double session today. This mornings workout was a light MetCon.
4 Rounds:
10 Back Squats
10 Front Squats
10 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
Followed with 15:00 of L.I.S.S. cardio on the eliptical.

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon uploading my latest contest prep Vlog (which I will post later today).

Oh you know, just taking a selfie montage of my new shorties 😉 Well, they’re not actually new, I bought them back in December, but I bought them according to my goals of where I wanted to be during my competition prep and they’re a perfect fit. 

My second session of the day was my main lifting session:
Power snatches from the pocket (85%)
Clean & Jerks (85%)
Split Jerks (85%)
Followed with isolation:
Standing side laterals
Seated Incline front laterals
Incline DB flyes
Single tricep kickbacks
Ending with Abs
I felt solid in my workout today. I had great energy, a positive mindset, and 1:30 later I had to force myself to end my workout because it was feeding time. I love workouts like todays 🙂

If you follow my IG (tiffanymitchellmull) then you know how often I include snapshots of my BCAAs.
My daily intake during contest prep:
One gallon of water + 20 grams of BCAAs- While BCAA supplementation is useful for gaining mass, they are especially helpful for maintaining muscle mass while in a caloric deficit prepping for competition.
(Tip: for those that track macros, don’t forget that bcaas count in your protein allotment for the day)

Take a moment to be thankful today 🙂 Happy Thursday!!

Hey you all!! Happy Saturday 🙂
I woke up this morning at 8:00 am!! That is the latest I have slept in months! I woke up to the sun shining through the window and immediately felt blessed with a wonderful day ahead.

I started the day with a couple of my usuals: Coffee with BPI’s Keto-Bomb for those medium chain triglycerides and Proats (oatmeal mixed with protein powder), topped with cinnamon and strawberries.

I got my HIIT training in early in the day which was a mix of rowing and jump rope and this evenings workout focused on back:
BB Rows
Seated Rows
Single Rows
Triple-Sets of:
Wide Grip Pulldowns
Standard Pulldowns
Narrow Grip Pulldowns

My wild and crazy Saturday Night has so far consisted of lounging in the bath, soaking these tired muscles. Now, I am planning to pile up in the bed and download a new playlist for the gym tomorrow. New music always makes for a good workout!

Enjoy your Saturday night!!!

My day was consumed with chemistry, laundry and legs.
I worked on homework for the majority of my morning and opted for a night  workout (which is not my usual).
My base movement was high bar back squats (5×5), which had my traps screaming after yesterdays power cleans. I added in some wide stance/pause squats, to be followed with goblet squats, box step ups, leg extensions and calf raises. I ended with 20:00 of LISS cardio and stretches for the hip flexors and psoas.

My leg days right now consist of around 300 grams of carbs, so you would think that hunger would not be an issue; however, today I could not be satisfied with anything I ate. Personally, I prefer a lower carb, high fat intake any day over carbs (call me crazy, I know 😉

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.52.46 AM.png
Here are some of my favorite High-Carb Bowls

          Here are some images that I received from this past weekend…

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 6.47.04 AM.png

Overall, another good day. Life is good, period.

A New Week. Today I woke up with a grateful heart. Blessed with another week to improve and become a better version of me.
I began my morning with coffee, emails and client check-ins.


I stumbled across a message from one of my clients that I never shared. It made me smile:) 


Todays training was fierce. My morning session began with base movements of hang power cleans and push presses (at 85%), followed by 5 rounds of intensity. A few hours later I was back in the gym for cardio and abs.


I hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday-Funday!
My morning began at 3:30 am, unintentionally. I was on a 3 am wakeup call almost everyday for the last two and half years, so now sleeping in is pretty much impossible. I really actually prefer this schedule, especially during contest prep. It especially comes in handy when posing practice begins (next week), and I have the cardio room surrounded with mirrors all to myself before the sun comes up. 

My workout began around 6 am with a 20:00 treadmill warm up and a base movement of push presses, followed with more overheads and shoulder isolation.

My Pre-Workout was 1 scoop of cookies and cream protein and coconut water

After the gym I came home and had some post workout Pro-yo. 
For those that have been asking how I make this:
1 scoop of Chocolate Protein
1/2 tsp Xanthan Gum (careful, a dab will do;)
100 grams Yogurt
3 Ice Cubes
1/4 Cup Almond Milk and blend
topped with:
PB2 and Pretzel Crumbles (and Nut Butter on top if its not post workout) 

The rest of my day was consumed with studying for Chem. mid-terms in between meal prepping

Now it’s time for a bath and bed.
Cheers everyone- to an exciting week ahead and climbing more mountains;)