Training Programs

I’ve been training, coaching, and helping people reach their fitness goals for almost two decades. As an L1/L2 CrossFit Trainer and conditioning coach to the US Military, an ISSA Personal Trainer, AFAA/NASM Group Fitness Instructor, ISSA certified nutritionist, and current 4th-year Dietetics major, I’ve compiled my past 18 years of fitness experience into comprehensive training programs to produce optimal results, period.

Your custom training program involves assessment of your current body composition and goals, to provide you with a specific training plan suited to your individual requirements. Your customized program will take into account training experience and history, short and long-term goals; whether this involves strength, hypertrophy, cardiovascular fitness, fat loss, specific goals or a combination.

– One-on-one training sessions:
– A custom training program tailored to your needs
– A cardio, conditioning and strength schedule
– Strength, conditioning, bodybuilding, fat-loss, general physical fitness

**Please email directly with training inquires prior to purchase:

A 6-week package that includes a customized training program coupled with 6-weeks of customized macronutrient recommendations and menus. Adjustments will be made based off each weekly check-in

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Online Customized Training Programs:
– A custom training program tailored to your needs

– Weekly check-ins and adjustments

4 Week Training Program 
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6 Week Training Program 
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8 Week Training Program 
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